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ISO9001   CPAI84   ASTMF963

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, and the driving force of our success. That's why from design manufacturing and assembly, the FY Quality Assurance Program ensures not only international standards of quality are met, but the satisfaction of each of our customers as well.
The quality of our products, systems and service is ensured by two guiding principles:

Quality Within The Process
Our "internal customer" principle guarantees the quality within our processes and procedures. Each employee at FY is individually responsible to ensure quality of outgoing parts or services. This ensures that quality of products and services is approved before moving to the next step in the process. With this systematic and closely monitored process, deviations in quality are corrected before they have a chance to grow.

Continuous Improvement
We believe that quality and cost control are inseparable. Together they add up to value for our customers. Through rigorous testing, research and development in our own laboratories, we continuously lead the way with innovations and improvements that add value. The result is improved performance, reliability and ease of assembly while reducing cost.
Quality Mission

  • It is our goal to be the Quality Leader in all markets we serve.
  • Quality is essential for the continuing success of FY company in the global marketplace.
  • Everyone at FY company is accountable for Quality.
  • We are committed to satisfying both our internal and external customers by providing them with products and services that constantly meet or exceed their expectations.
  • We will effectively focus in developing and continuously improving processes.

Quality Awards and Certification
Our continuing efforts to maintain the highest quality standards possible are fully certified with CPAI 84,ASTMF963,CE,UL,etc.